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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Borden to Richard Caswell
Borden, William
December 18, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 699-700

[From Executive Letter Book.]

December 18th, 1777.

Respected Friend and Governor Caswell,

After humble respects to thee I seem desirous that there might be a thorough proof made on the salt works, as the public might know how far to depend upon them when occasion which may be sooner than we expect which looks likely enough to me to happen so and for want of a proof of this kind thereby made, the Continent may suffer much, and is now suffering, and by a means of this proof being made the business might become practicable and familiar, whereby large quantities of salt might be made, perhaps enough to supply the whole Continent, which I think might be done by sundry works in many places, which would surely be the case if once practicable. Now this salt being made on our own lands, and as it were at home, what a great safeguard this must be I think worth our while to make a full proof of the matter, now I leave the Governor and all the Assembly to judge whether this

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business of so great importance, should be so lightly looked over, even next to life, itself—I think not by no means, now if the Governor and house of Assembly, should have a mind to carry these works on, I will undertake for you for 200 per year, and do the best I can for you, which I am desirous to do for reasons before mentioned. To conclude your assured friend,