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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Smith to Richard Caswell and the North Carolina Council of State
Smith, Robert
July 11, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 734-735

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Robt. Smith Esqr. (King Taminy)

To His Excellency the Governor & The Honourable Council at Halifax

I came here on purpose to do myself the Honor to wait on you in Council, to have laid before you the inclosed inventory of the King Taminy and her Stores, of which Vessell, the last Assembly at New Bern thought proper to appoint me Comm'd. It would appear from their Resolve which I only rec'd about three weeks ago, unattended with any instructions from them, they intended, the King Taminy should be fitted out for the merchant Service and chartered to the Continental Congress & by them to be insured, not considering that I acted for Congress and by that appointment would in fact be chartering for myself a Vessell from myself. I have however since I received their Resolve, had her hauld to a Wharff, her Ballast thrown out and hove Her down and cleaned her Bottom which tho' a good deal hurt by worms is in much better order than I could have expected. I had engaged some hands at the wages given out of the port at the time of her sailing,

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but on looking over the Resolve mentioned, I find I am authorized only to allow such wages as were given the 7th May. since that, wages have risen much, and may possibly still rise more before she sails. I inclose the Resolve for your perusal. After the foregoing state of the matter, I submit it to the consideration of your Honourable Board, and beg leave to observe in General, first that some merchant should be commissioned in Edenton to fit out the Taminy and execute the Charter party with me. From him I will charter her for Nantz, Bordeaux or Port Le Orient to return here with such Cargo as the Continental agents in those parts may think best to Ship on board her. I will charter her by the month, and on behalf of the United States insure her at the value may be agreed on untill her return, the monthly hire to be paid on her return and in case of her being lossed the hire to stop the very day it happened. Or the Council may commission three men well acquainted with Vessells, and their value, to set a price on her and her monthly hire or wages & I will take her at that as before mentioned and execute a Charter with you—in this last case, which will be attended with most trouble, the papers should be sent down as soon as may be, as she must lye idle till they come & with them his Excellency's dft. on the Treasurer for Five Hundred pounds which I think the outfit will cost at least. In the next place if she goes on the Voyage above mentioned she will not have Occasion for but a small part of the Stores, say 4 of the Smallest Guns, 6 Sweivle and about 10 muskets and Ammunition in proportion. Ten men before the mast would be Sufficient, orders should be given about the remains of her Stores.

I have the Honor to be
Your most obed. & very Hble Servts

Halifax 11th July 1777