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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Article from the North-Carolina Gazette concerning captured British ships
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September 19, 1777
Volume 11, Page 774

[North Carolina Gazette, September 26, 1777.]

Wilmington, September 19, 1777.

A Report prevailed here a few days ago of the Randolph Frigate of War, belonging to the United States, having taken four Vessels, which has this morning been confirmed by a Gentleman from Charlestown, who informs, that for want of seamen, a number of Gentlemen of that place, Volunteers, and one Mr. M'Queen, with several of his Negroes, went on Board; she then proceeded to Sea, and took a large three decked ship mounting 20 Guns, and two other Vessels of 8 Guns each, from Jamaica bound to New York; their Cargoes consisted of 600 hogsheads of Rum, 800 hogsheads of Sugar, and a chest of half Johannes's supposed to belong to the Commissary, who was taken on board the Ship; the Vessels and Cargoes were computed at above One Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling. She also retook a French Vessel loaden with Salt.