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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Obituary of Francis Nash [as printed in the North-Carolina Gazette]
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October 31, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 789-790

[North Carolina Gazette, October 31, 1777.]

New Bern, October 31, 1777.

In the late Battle of German-Town, fighting under the illustrious Washington, in the glorious Cause of freedom, the common Inheritance of Mankind, lately invaded by the bloody Legions of a most inexorable Tyrant, fell the brave, but unfortunate Brigadier General Nash. He was posted at the Head of the Troops of Reserve, when the winged Messenger of Death, a Cannon Ball, summoned him to the peaceful Regions of Bliss; it struck him on the Thigh, tore his Body in a most dreadful manner, and killed his Horse under him. Every Assistance was immediately offered, but in vain; and he now lies in the Dust, with the other worthies of America, who have fell sacrifices in the great Cause, and whose blood cries aloud to Heaven for Vengeance on the Authors of this great national Calamity. General Nash was among the first in this State who stood forth in Vindication of Injured Innocence and the rights of Humanity, and very early took the Field as Lieutenant Colonel in the first Regiment of this State, where his Superior Abilities and exalted Merit soon raised him to the Honourable Command from which he fell. Coolness and Intrepidity in the Day of Battle formed him for a Commander, and a polite, easy and complacent Behaviour, gained him great Esteem in the Army. In private Life, he was the Gentleman, the Social Companion, the Friend of Mankind. In Domestic, the most tender, affectionate, and indulgent. If his Country, Society, his Friends and Relations are deprived of so valuable a Member, how severe must be the stroke on his mournful and widowed Lady, who, with two tender Infants, the dear Pledges of their Conjugal Felicity, are left to lament his Loss in unutterable Woe. If any Alleviation can sooth

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the sobbing Breast of his disconsolate Widow, it must be the great and glorious Cause in which he fell; no less than that of endeavoring to free the Land from the Depredations of bloody Tyrants, who are wasting our Country with Fire and Sword, and Spreading among us every Species of Desolation, even the brutal Violence of Female Chastity.