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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Howard to Richard Caswell
Howard, Edward
November 09, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 798-799

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Mr. Cray is a great friend or a burning Enemy for I think he puts difficulties in my way to keep me with my family or I believe he means to Ruin me for he never did try to send me out of the State only in a open whale boat to Charles town or Georgia as I know off that we must have been some times at sea & some time within Land, which would only Expose me to the weather but Robery & felony against the States so I Refused to go as it was not to the West Indies or Europe but about the first of this month he sent me to Wilmington gaol where is a stinking loathsome place & very cold, tho' if you or he had Committed me to my own plantation I would not have disobeyed you. My proceeding after I left your house was as follows Viz. I went down to bogue on White Oak River and spoke to Mr. Steal & Capt. Gurlin both and agreed for a passage with the first that did sail, my Chest and bed & part of Clothes has been there ever since I was ordered out before so that I did not think their would have been advantage taken by the Vessels not sailing as it was not my fault & I did no harm as I know of, I would have Affirmed that I would not have wilfully done the States any harm at first if it had been allowed me but the oath that was put to me I thought I could not safely take so I beg if I have offended you will Pardon my Offence its great grief to me to leave my Wife & family I Confess, that if you will permit me the affirmation I will take that and Endeavour to Conform myself to the Laws of the States only in bearing arms & if it cannot be allowed me I desire you will send me out as speedy as may be I could I believe have gone out here if the Commitment

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would have allowed it I beg you will let me go out at bogue as my things is there as Capt. Gurlin is Near sailing if you do not allow me to stay so write myself your Miserable friend


November the 9th 1777