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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Nathaniel Rochester
North Carolina. Council of Safety
July 15, 1776
Volume 11, Page 315

Committee of Safety to Nathl Rochester.

Gen Lee informs us of the distressed situation of our Soldiers in So Carolina for the want of Cloths and we assure you we are much convinced as we consider the Credit of this Province or state in this particular We have to request that you will have Waggons ready at New Bern to receive the Stores ordered there & to proceed either in person or by deputation with all expedition to Our Army in So. Carolina with the Osnaburg, & other things necessary for their Clothing. We think it convenient & therefore recommend that you impower some carefull person at each port in this province to take charge of all Military & other Stores purchased by the Commissary to be apointed for the public. This will perhaps leave it in your power to supply the army with greater dispatch & of more ease to your self

We desire that you will send to the care of Mr. Robert Hardy of Edenton all the Sale Duck in New Bern for the Gallies building at South Key for this Province. We shall give him the proper direction how to proceed

to Nathan Rochester Esqr.