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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Green to Richard Caswell
Green, James, ca. 1737-1784
February 07, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 34-35

[From Executive Letter Book.]

NewBern 7th Febry. 1778.

Dear Sir,

As I intend leaving home to-morrow, I have put up in a Hhd. the 2 ps. Blue cloth, and 1 pc. red, for the officers, with trimmings for the latter (sewing silk and Buckram) likewise 3 ps. Brown, and 1 pc. red for the soldiers at Kingston, with Trimmings. The Muskets come loose, all which I leave with Mr. Cogdell to be delivered when called for. The coarse ps. of Red I think is intended for facings.

In the Hhd.
2 ps. blue cloth.
1 pc. fine Red or scarlet.
2 Gro. yellow Gilt Button sorted.
2 Gro. yellow Gilt Button sorted.
4 lb dark thread.
30 sticks of Mohair from Col. Cogdell.
2 ps Brown Cloth.
1 pc. Red “napp'd
4 lb dark thread
2 Gro. White Buttons sorted.
2 Gro. White Buttons sorted.
½ lb Mohair.
20 fine locks loose.
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A letter from Mr Johnston of Edenton to Mr Nash, informs me, that he (the former) saw a Gentleman from Virginia who says the Revolution in Canada is indisputable, the particulars of this letter is, that the natives had seized all the forts and ports in Canada, together with warlike stores (except Quebec), and that seven thousand men were in motion to attack that Fortress, if it should make any resistance, that a number of officers were under guard on their way to Congress.

Your old acquaintance Mr David Barrow cannot survive but a few days longer.

Mr Chariol the Frenchman requests me to ask whether your Excellency intends taking about 8000 lb of powder which you were to let him know respecting it some time since. Pray let him know the result of your intentions on this head, he is eternally teasing me about it, and I tell him I am ignorant of the matter. I am Sir,

your obedt. Servt.