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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Rand to Richard Caswell
Rand, John
February 12, 1778
Volume 13, Page 40

-------------------- page 40 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wake 12th Febry 1778.


I am apprehensive there will be great contending at the Court of this County, (which begins on Monday next) about the appointment of Surveyor and entry taker, Hinton, Lane, Rogers, two or three others and I believe myself are competitors. I have made enquiry and don't find that the Commission of the peace for the associating James Moore, Richard Banks and Francis Hobson hath as yet reached us therefore have sent down Dick, and must beg the favor of your Excellency to have a Commission sent up. If Mr Glasgow should have heretofore forwarded one, and it should come to hand, I will take care to return that which may now be sent. We have very little news circulating. I saw a Virginia paper of the 30th last month, wherein I learned that the Canadians had determined to change their masters, and had actually applied to General Gates for assistance to take possession of their Government, this is thought to be on consequence of a French War, which is reported here, to be the case. If any extraordinary event has happened and your Excellency should be at leisure may I ask the favor of being informed.

All your Excellency's old friends this way are well except poor Mr Martin who is dangerously afflicted with consumptive complaint, and I am fearful will not survive very long. I hope this will meet with yourself and family in a good state of health and that you all may long enjoy true felicity.

Your Excellency's ever obliged and obdt. Servt.