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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Ashe to Richard Caswell
Ashe, John, 1725-1781
February 23, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 55-56

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Rocky Point, Febry 23d 1778.


Yours of the 7th Inst, did not reach me 'till the evening of the 28th which I hope will excuse my not complying with directions sooner. I enclose you all the returns I have been able to procure. I have never got a return from Col. Cray of Onslow, or Col. Smith of Cumberland, perhaps Col Cray may have his list with him, if so he will furnish your Excellency with it. I hold myself above measure obliged for the Honble command proposed, but am of opinion as things are ordered and circumstanced, should I accept it, I could not acquire any credit by it, or be able to render my Country the service I would desire, or any other person but yourself Tho' I would not wish you to take it should they be required before the next session, should it be judged after that not expedient for you, should it then be offered I may perhaps accept it, but more when I have the pleasure to see you. The 21st Inst. arrived at Wilmington a Flag of Truce with Major Alexr McLeod; Col.

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Ward on her arrival put a guard on Board to prevent any correspondence from those on board with their friends on shore, and I have ordered the Guard to be continued, 'till I have your Excellency's direction. I have enclosed a Copy of the order of Flag, and General Lee's letter to me. I should be much obliged to you to despatch the Bearer as soon as it may be conveient to your Excellency.

I am with due esteem and respect,
Your Excellency's most ob. & very huml. Servant,