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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Michael Hillegas to Richard Caswell
Hillegas, Michael, 1729-1804
March 01, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 58-59

[From Executive Letter Book.]

York Town, 1st March, 1778.


On the 24th September last I had the honor to transmit to you under the care and escort of Captain Cosmo Medici of the North Carolina Light Dragoons, which you were then requested to

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deliver to the Commissioner of the Continental Loan Office appointed by and for your State, a number of Loan office certificates amounting to six hundred and fifty thousand dollars and altho' the said Captain Medici had directions to transmit me receipts or accounts of the safe delivery of the same, yet so it is that I have not been favored with them. I am therefore to request that you will be pleased by the very first opportunity to write me respecting the same. It would also be well that the Commissioner of the Loan office for your State immediately write to the Honorable the Board of Treasury here, not only as to what instructions, he has already received from them, but what success he may have had in putting off those certificates, and as to what prospect in future he may have in that business.

I am Sir with due regard your most ob. servt.