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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Lachlan McIntosh to Richard Caswell
McIntosh, Lachlan, 1725-1806
March 1778
Volume 13, Pages 67-68

[From Executive Letter Book.]


I had the honor of writing to your Excellency the 9th January pr Lieut. Col. Dawson of your State which I hope you received. I am sorry I have to inform you the men of my Brigade here have suffered severely this winter for want of clothing and other necessaries. Fifty of them died in and about Camp since the beginning of Janry last, and near two hundred sick here now besides as many more reported sick absent in different Hospitals of this State and Jersey, a most distressing situation! and only Dr. McClure of the second Regiment to attend the whole of them until a few days ago. I fortunately got another young man, to assist him, but cannot tell how he will turn out yet.

I cannot with propriety or Justice on this occasion avoid complaining of Doctor Cooley of the 5th Regiment to his State, which I think he has been ungrateful to, and cannot help charging him with inhumanity, also in leaving so many of his brave Country men to perish without assistance. When I was first informed of him, I ordered him in the most positive terms to stay with the Brigades. He attempted to make a plea, that in consequence of a former order for the Staff of the six vacant Regiments to go home with the other officers, he had sent off his Baggage, therefore could not stay and at last went without leave, for which I stopt his pay for January February and an extra Bounty & 6 months given by Congress to the Army with General Washington's approbation, and dare say your Excellency will think with me, he deserves still further marks of Resentment from his Country.

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This season produces nothing worth mentioning to you save little skirmishes between foraging parties of no account.

I hear Col. Shepperd's 10th Regiment is under Inoculation at George Town Maryland, but have no account from himself.

I have the honor to be respectfully
Your Excellency's most obedient servant,