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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Iredell to Richard Caswell
Iredell, James, 1751-1799
April 20, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 98-99

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Northampton, 20th April, 1778.


I ask your Excellency's pardon for so long delaying to write to you, on the subject of the proposal you made concerning the land on Trent which is in dispute between us. The reason partly arose from an uncertainty of the determination we should come to with respect to the sale of the land, in general, and from none of us knowing the nature and situation of the whole tract so exactly as to be able to ascertain the value of that part, it was proposed we should relinquish. We have now determined to offer the land for sale, and I send an advertisement to the Printer for that purpose by the same conveyance which carried this. The sale is intended to be some time during the sitting of the Superior Court at NewBern.

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In the mean time, I beg leave to assure your Excellency we are very well disposed to treat about an accommodation of what you and Col. W. Heritage and we have in dispute and though we are positively convinced of the validity of our title, will readily sacrifice something for the sake of peace, and to avoid any disagreeable differences. The particulars we are not at present fully enough informed of circumstances to enter into.

I am with great respect Sir, your Excellency's most humble and most obedient servant.

P. S.

The sale is to be without any prejudice to the agreement with Mr. Franks, which we mean to fulfil.

J. I.