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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Patrick Henry to Richard Caswell
Henry, Patrick, 1736-1799
May 16, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 128-129

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Williamsburg May 16th 1778.


For your Excellency's perusal I enclose a paper I received from the Hon. Mr. Laurens agreeable to his desire. I most heartily congratulate you on the great event of the treaty with France. It will most probably bring with it our permanent Independence.

Our Assembly willing to guard against every contingency have just voted 350 horses and 2000 Infantry to be raised forthwith. I beg leave to mention to your Excellency what the Commissioners for this State on the So. western frontier have repeatedly informed me. It is that certain persons of your State have intruded on the Cherokees, entries for their lands are said to be made even close to their towns, and some settlements forming far over the line. I know your Excellency's supreme regard for justice and the public good, and that the good people of Carolina will not advisedly do anything that will embroil us with the

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Indians, and thereby co-operate with the British Emissarys. I give you the information as I receive it, not doubting in the least that every step will be taken by your State which Justice and true policy may dictate in this important business. With the highest regard, I have the honor to be Sir, your Excellency's mo. ob. and very huml Servt.