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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from M. Chariol de Placer to Richard Caswell
Chariol de Placer, M.
May 20, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 129-139

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern May 20th 1778.


I have the honor to direct to you Mr. James Laclause, and beg you'll be so kind as to agree him as a Capt. of a Company in my Regiment. I am returned from Wilmington and brought with me eleven French soldiers, who made the customary oath as you'll see by this present expedition. I hope I shall get about fifty more in a fortnight's time, tho' I haven't received any money, I shall do what I can to complete my regiment, and be ready to follow your orders, to set off for the army. There's a company in Williamsburg, which has been offered to join my regiment, you might settle this with his Excellency Gov. Henry or write about it to the Congress, because that company has no Col. it is true that if it joined to me, I might soon march for the army. I have received an answer from the Baron of Bottecele's, an officer of 25 years service, who has all the possible experience of War, who accept the part of Lieut. Col. because he is my friend upon which I can put my trust, he is now in Charlestown, I propose myself to send him the letter you gave me for the Governor, and shall give him the charge of recruiting, as many soldiers possible. I beg you be so kind as to agree him as Lieut. Col. if you like it best to send his commission to me. I have the honor to advise you that Mr. Duvivier is Major and I hope you'll receive him as such, you know him enough to excuse him for not going to see you, on that account.

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I have the honor to see you in a few days on some particular things.

I am with respect sir, your huml servt.

His Excellency will be so kind I hope to adjudge at me the house belong to Mrs. Edouard it is nobody there, and it is impossible to find another in the town to answer my purpose.