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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Bryan to Richard Caswell
Bryan, William
June 06, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 148-149

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Craven, June 6th 1778.


Agreeable to your Excellency's directions, I have wrote to the several Cols of my Brigade, and requested them to appoint a

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man in each County to furnish provisions for the men raised in your County, till they arrive at Halifax as there are but few from any one County on Tar River. I have advised the Cols to purchase and deliver to the officer who may march with the men as much as will serve them up, and have it carried on in a cart. The Carteret Drafts is to join the Craven, and both march by way of Kingston, but cannot advise what day they will arrive, perhaps by the 10th.

As there are no Guns as I know of in this District fit for service, belonging to the public I have not taken any steps about that matter, but leave it to the several Cols to comply with the Law as nigh as they can. However as good Guns are so very scarce in this State, I think it would be wrong to send any out, especially as they would not be such as would be received in the Continental Army. Mr. Green from New Bern this day says an account is come to Town, of the arrival of a large ship from France in Cape Lookout, with dry Goods. That a fifty Gun ship is also arrived in Chespeake Bay with Continental Stores, and a large Ship from France with a valuable cargo of rich silks, Gause, Lace, &c., &c., &c., &c., a present from the Royal Ladies of the French Court to the Ladies of Virginia. That General Washington lately surprised and made prisoners of the whole of the 44th British Regiment, as they were cutting wood in Jersey, also an account of the Capture of a Guinea ship with 900 slaves in the mouth of the River St. Lawrence. The above several pieces of news you have as I received it this day from Capt. Daily.

I am sir your Excellency's mo. ob. humb. servt.