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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Ellis to Richard Caswell
Ellis, Richard, fl. 1765-1790
June 28, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 174-175

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern 28th June 1778.

Dr Sir:

Capt. Willis Wilson of the ship Caswell, addressed me on the 26th Inst. advising that your Excellency recommended him to appoint an agent for his ship here, at the same time requested I

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would accept of the appointment and if I did to advise your Excellency of it & furnish him by return of his barge (which is now waiting for the return of this express) with rum, molasses &c., &c., to the amount of 6 or £800 worth; I have given directions about some iron work he wants, and have engaged the other things, have no objection to the appointment provided I can now or in some short time, be supplied with some money as may be necessary for the articles he may want from time to time, which he says will be considerable. 170 men will eat and drink a good deal, and all those things ready money, and hard to get. Your Excellency will be so obliging as to write me fully on this head, and whether this or the State of Virginia is to be charged with the things, if the former, did not the Assembly appoint an Agent.

Please to send me two blank commissions for my Privateer Bellona & letter of mark the Chatham, the commission not being here cannot fill the Bonds, but you may depend as soon as they appear the needful shall be done. What part of the brig shall I charge you with, I do not think we can spare you more than ⅛, that will cost you £3000 or very near it, but you may have 1-16 or less if you choose it. I wish you could see her on the sails, which will be in three weeks at farthest, to meet the July fleet. Shall we not celebrate the 4th of July. The town is of opinion that we ought to have some of the public powder about 100 wt. will do; if you think with us, you will no doubt send an order for the purpose. I have but about 1500 wt. for the Brigs, should more be necessary will your Excellency lend me 5 or 6 00 wt. of the public powder, I will engage to return it, before it is wanted. I am with great esteem Dr Sir, your mo. ob. Servt.