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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to James Hogun
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
June 29, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 179-181

[From Executive Lette. Book.]

Dobbs, 29th June 1778.


On looking over the despatches from Congress by Capt. Blount with attention, since I wrote you the 27th Inst. I am induced to believe that Congress expects our Troops to be sent forward as

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soon as they possibly can. I therefore recommend to you the forming the men as they arrive at Halifax into Battalions agreeable to the new establishment and lest you shall be at a loss in that respect, I send you herewith a Copy of the Resolution of Congress, you have no doubt men sufficient to complete one Regiment of non-commissioned officers and privates; if so I think you had better officer them agreeable to a Copy of another Resolve of Congress which I send you, and direct them to proceed to Petersburg where they may halt until further orders; and in order to enable me to give orders with respect to such others of the Volunteers and drafts, I beg you will furnish me immediately on receipt thereof with a return of the number of men assembled at Halifax, from what Counties, and the particular number from each County, distinguishing how many from each have received the Bounty, and whether they are Volunteers or Drafts, I also wish to know what officers have returned to this State and the names of those you propose to appoint to the first Regiment to march.

I write to you Sir, as being on the spot where business is to be transacted; perhaps it may be necessary to send this letter up to Col. Sumner, whose health I am told will not permit him to go abroad, which is one reason why I do not write him, but the prevailing one is that I fear it will be attended with delay for I fear also that I shall not be able to keep the Council together longer than Saturday next. I must therefore entreat you to let me have your return by that day if possible. Col. Sumner I flatter myself will excuse my making this requisition to you.


After obtaining the Council's opinion in respect to the Troops, I will send your orders by express. In the mean time if you have opportunity to write Col. Sumner in respect to these matters do, and obtain his approbation of the officers who are to command the Battalion first to march, those who are to command the other three I shall be glad to have recommended by him or you.

I am Sir, with great respect your mo. ob. servt.

P. S. On recollection I think it would be as well, perhaps best, to hold a Court of Inquiry of the officers of the line, and therein recommend proper officers to command and officer the Regiments and if any have conducted themselves unworthily, to cashier

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them. This method I know would remove every just cause of complaint and it is my wish that every worthy officer should be continued, and those who have not behaved altogether in character should be judged by their equals.

I am Sir, your mo. ob. servt.
R. C.