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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to James Hogun
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 05, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 187-188

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston 5th July 1778.


I received your favor of the 1st Inst. and thank you for the Lists you therewith transmitted to me. I must repeat my request that you call a Court of the line and recommend the officers which that Court shall think best qualified and inclined to serve their Country without having regard to seniority or other respects, this appears more necessary to me for a want of knowledge in the Council and myself of the persons who come within the above description, and also from a prevailing spirit among the officers of resigning their Commissions especially when they know they must immediately return to the Northward. This I beg you will do so soon as it may be practicable. In the mean time let the first Regiment proceed to Head Quarters as soon as it shall be found practicable and as I know you are desirous of going on yourself, I wish you to take the command of that Regiment in which the Council join me, and in that case take with you any officers of the line who shall be disposed to go with you, and whom you approve of so as sufficiently to officer the Regiment agreeable to the new establishment, a List of these officers you are requested to send me by express so soon as it is completed. I presume if

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you march with this Regiment, Col. Armstrong will supply your place at Halifax with whom I will correspond on the important business of the Army until Genl. Sumner shall be able to do business, of which, when that happens, I beg to be informed. At all events the List of officers to be recommended must be sent me in time to lay before the Assembly at Hillsborough the 3d of August, when that Honl. Body meets.

The small sum of money sent here by Congress will not enable the Treasurer to do more than pay the Bounty, and other expenses of the first Regiment now ordered to march, the paymaster will this day receive the money, and proceed to Halifax to pay that money, and so much to others as he may have remaining. Pray let me hear from you as often as occasion may require.

I am very respectfully Sir,
Your Obed. Servt.