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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Laurens to Richard Caswell
Laurens, Henry, 1724-1792
July 23, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 199-200

-------------------- page 199 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Philadelphia 23d July, 1778.


As I have nothing public in charge for your Excellency I must request you Sir to indulge me in this private cover for six Marine Commissions, Instructions & Bonds, and of a letter to Capt. Cottineau. The Captain applied to me in York Town for a commission for his own ship, and for one or two which he said he intended to equip and form a little squadron. Congress are not inclined to grant Commissions for vessels in distant States, unless especial descriptions are previously laid before them, your Excellency will be capable of judging of the propriety of Capt. Cottineau's pretensions, and will act as you shall think for the benefit of the public at this critical moment, 'tis highly probable demands will be made on your Excellency for all that remains after Capt. Cottineau shall be supplied.

I am told that no less than twelve prizes lately taken are advertised for sale on Tuesday next at Egg Harbour. Vice Admiral Count d'Estaing, has captured a much greater number at Sandy Hook, some of them armed vessels, and some very valuable, but we have not learned particulars. The Admiral finding his large Ships of too great a draught of water for the Bar of the Hook (after lying several days in view of the British Squadron within) sailed as we are informed for Rhode Island where he must be content to play a smaller game, than that which he originally had in view. If General Pigot and his Garrison shall be compelled to surrender, the thing will not be very inconsiderable.

I take the liberty of enclosing to your Excellency two of the latest Newspapers.

I am anxious that Congress should resolve to hold no conference with men who have dared to tempt them with bribes of Gold, and I trust that through the endeavours of some diligent Patriots in the House, those Men will be compelled to return. The bearers of their impeachment will be held up to the severe resentments of their much injured Countrymen, and their names transmitted

-------------------- page 200 --------------------
to posterity in characters which will render their memory infamous. I have the honor to be with great esteem & respect Sir,

Your Excellency's obedient servant,