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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Timothy Pickering to Thomas Burke
Pickering, Timothy, 1745-1829
July 26, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 201-202

[From Executive Letter Book.]

War Office Philadelphia July 26 1778.


Your letter by Mr. O'Neal, with the draught in his favour, & by Mr. John Taylor, have come to hand. Mr. Taylor has got all the horses (sixty-five in number) safe along; but they are in sad plight; so that it is impossible to form a certain judgment concerning them. If they were in flesh we believe they might answer the purpose for which they were intended. We have paid Mr. O'Neal & Mr. Taylor; and by the latter sent you six hundred and fifty-three dollars, the amount of your disbursements.

From the information we received, we expected the horses would not have cost more than two-thirds the money. We hoped also that Capt. Medici & his men would have brought them on, & saved the expense of drivers; but we suppose he was not within your reach. As the horses are so dear, we choose you should immediately stop all further purchases on our account; and contrive, if possible, to send the remainder of the horses by some of the North Carolina Dragoons (appointing if you judge it necessary, one trusty man to take the over sight of them) of whom there are enough in your State, who, as well as Capt. Medici, should have been here long ago. The conduct of this gentleman is unaccountable.

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'Tis near a year since he was furnished with a large sum of money, to purchase horses, to mount those Dragoons; but he has done very little towards it. Some months ago the board wrote to him to come and settle his accounts; but we have no answer. We enclose another for the same purpose, which we pray you will be kind enough to get conveyed to him. We have not ordered him to take charge of the residue of your horses to bring them thither, because for his past conduct, we are not satisfied it would be safe to give him this further trust.

You will be pleased to accept our thanks for your care and trouble in this business.

We are Sir, with great regard your most obedt. Servts. By order of the Board,

Enclosed is a duplicate receipt of the money paid Mr. Taylor as you requested.