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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Laurens to Henry Laurens [Extract]
Laurens, John, 1752-1782
September 29, 1778
Volume 13, Page 237

-------------------- page 237 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]
Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Camp Dated 29th September, 1778.

“The enemy's superiority by water give them cruel advantage over us. Baylor's Regiment of Horse has been surprised by a strong party of the enemy that surrounded them by coming up the North River. A number of the Militia shared the same fate, few escaped, the greater part being taken prisoners or killed. Several were butchered in cold blood. The enemy had been conducted through by Roads up to the very Houses in which the Officers and Troops were unguarded asleep. The enemy are now in force on the Jersey side, and make a show of advancing. Gen'l Lord Stirling is gone to take the command of the two Brigades of Continental troops and such Militia as shall collect to them. Gen'l Winds has already embodied six hundred. The circumstances of the enemy's collecting forage is equivocal, it may be either for Winter Quarters or Sea Store. The intelligence given by Gen'l Sullivan of the enemy's being employed in building Barracks is against a move from thence, but I am inclined to think his intelligence ill founded. The enemy may still meditate an enterprise against Boston, which has been delayed until now by the sickly condition of Byron's crew, and the injury which he suffered from the storm—but I do not think it probable.”