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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Mallett to Richard Caswell
Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805
November 03, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 260-261

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Campbelton, Nov. 3rd 1778.


As these two months are the only months in the year to procure salt provisions, I thought it necessary that no time should be lost before that article was secured. I am to inform your Excellency that we have already killed cattle enough to make 150 bbls, and we have a considerable quantity more engaged. Our cattle in this neighborhood are exceedingly good and at the same time very high in price, altho' not so high as in the back country. We can make up from 500 to 700 bbls. of the best of Beef, and some pork. The latter will be a scarce article in these counties partly owing to the want of corn—and partly owing to the prices given in Virginia. Cattle and Pork both are so high in price at Hillsboro; and poor in quality; that as yet our Contracts that way are small, and if your Excellency judges it necessary that any quantity should be lodged at that place our only way will be to drive from hence. We have in the mean time taken care to secure salt and barrels; do believe however that not more than 300 or 400 barrels of pork can be had both at Hillsboro and this place.

Our present contracts now amount to about 6000, and our future engagements depends on your Excellency's orders. My brother waits on you for money—any sum your Excellency shall

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judge proper to furnish us with. I will be accountable for whatever sum my brother receives. I am

Your Excellency's Mo. Ob. Servt.

Prices current. Steers 5 years old and upwards £23 to £25, do. 4 years old £21. Hogs at least £8 per cwt. Empty barrels, 24 shillings.