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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Skinner to Richard Caswell
Skinner, William, 1729-1798
November 13, 1778
Volume 13, Page 274

-------------------- page 274 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Perquimans Novr. 13th 1778.

Dear Sir:

In the course of the Draft made by Col. Harvey in this County, the Lot fell on sundry Quakers. They have been petitioning him for a discharge under the Militia Law, on the payment of Twentyfive pounds; he and myself differ in sentiments, respecting that Law. It appearing to me by the Law for marching the Militia, as an aid, no provision is made for the relief of any such, and there must be an inconsistency, to offer a Bounty of Twenty pounds for Volunteers, and at the same time accept of Twentyfive pounds to exempt a person. It is therefore at the request of Col. Harvey I now address you, and am sorry to be giving you trouble on so trifling an occasion, the enclosed certificate throws some light on the affair. Nine of the persons appear to be in unity, the 10th man (the Bearer) altho' discovered by them, merits every indulgence that any of the society doth. Col. Harvey wishes your directions how to proceed, whether to detain them, or to discharge and levy the Twenty-five pounds. The drafts from this District is very backward in marching, several of the Counties not having made their draft, until the 5th instant. The Currituck Militia has passed me this two days. I am urging the officers of the other regiments to hasten their march. Being in some measure restored to my health, purpose setting of for Kingston in about six days. I am with the greatest respect Dr Sir, your mo. ob. servt.