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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Butler to Richard Caswell
Butler, John, d. 1786
November 14, 1778
Volume 13, Page 278

-------------------- page 278 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Mount Pleasant Nov. 14th 1778.


Agreeable to your orders dated at Kingston the 16th Oct. 1778, I immediately despatched the necessary orders to the Cols. of the respective Counties in this District and appointed them to Rendezvous at Hillsboro' on Thursday the 5th Inst. equipped as the Law directs; you will see by the enclosed return, how the different Counties have turned out on this occasion. I sent Col. Ramsey home with pressing orders to use every means in his power, for apprehending and sending forward the delinquents in his County, and also send express to Col. Smith of Granville County requesting that he would with all possible despatch send forward the arms wanting from his County, under the care of Col. Yancey who was not at that time come forward, and he is not yet come. Yesterday I received for answer, that he would once more try, but hopes that I will not blame him, if he should fail in the attempt, but does not say when I may expect them. I have not yet heard from Col. Ramsey of Chatham County, have therefore thought it unnecessary to wait any longer, with a view of being reinforced from that Quarter, but hope that he will send them forward sometime hence. Yesterday morning the Troops marched from Haw River and will be joined by the company from Wake County, at Salisbury. I am informed by an officer from that County, that the men turn out very well, but as I have had no return, I cannot make it to you. Yesterday I received your orders for drafting 186 men, in this district, to be sent after those already gone, and beg leave to assure your Excellency that every thing in my power shall be done in compliance with them, and in the mean time shall endeavour to gather up those in this County, who are now hiding themselves in the woods. I have appointed Colonel Thomas Hart, Commissary, for the Troops already raised and will endeavour to engage him or some other person for those now to be raised, but I find great difficulty in engaging any for want of public money.

I am your most ob. Servt.
B. Genl.