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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Ashe to Richard Caswell
Ashe, John, 1725-1781
November 15, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 279-280

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Rocky Point 15th Nov. 1778.


I am in hopes that your Excellency will be more at leisure, and less encumbered with the affairs of State, than when I had the pleasure of seeing you. The Commissioners for striking the money, went off for New Bern to settle some affairs with Mr.

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Davis, relative to altering the Types for the money as I set out on my return home, which induced me to think, that they can't have done any thing yet worth my attending to receive. I have therefore declined coming myself, and sent to inform your Excellency that I shall use my utmost endeavours to meet your Excellency at Elizabeth at the time you mentioned, and shall rely on your Excellency's very generous and friendly offer with regard to that business which I assure you Sir, I shall always retain a very grateful sense of. I should be much obliged to be informed whether I can have a public wagon for my Baggage, for there is none to be had in these parts, and if I can, when I may expect her, that I may have every thing in readiness, that she may not be delayed. Your Excellency mentioned something to me, relative to carrying two small field pieces. If you should, or South Carolina should think proper, to furnish the troops, with a few while they remain in that State, would it not be necessary to have an Artillery Company? If your Excellency should judge so, there is one Rees here, who was Lieut. in the Philadelphia Train that offers his services, and several persons used to Cannon may be had. This addition to the troops, I expect will not exceed the number that will fail appearing of the Drafts, consequently the requisition made by Congress.

I am Sir, with respect & esteem
Your Excellency's most obliged & humble Servant,