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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen Jones to Richard Caswell
Jones, Allen, 1739-1807
November 15, 1778 - November 23, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 280-281

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wheelers, Novr. 15th 1778.


In obedience to your Excellency's official letter by Mr Amis, I immediately ordered an additional draft from the Militia belonging to my Brigade. I beg leave to inform you that they cannot possibly be equipped agreeable to orders, neither can they arrive at the General Rendezvous at the appointed time, the space for drafting

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being too short. However I expect both Divisions to be on their March in a few days. I am with the most sincere respect

Your Excellency's Mo. obed. Servt.

Novr. 23d. As no opportunity has offered to send the above, I take this to inform your Excellency that the Troops Rendezvous at Halifax this day in order to march. They are totally destitute of Tents and Kettles, also arms. I am just setting out to buy Kettles at a most exorbitant rate. The Cols. Eaton & Atherton have done every thing in their power, to expedite the march of the men, but several unforeseen difficulties have hitherto obstructed it. I hope they will be at Kingston in a few days. I am with respect

Your Excellency's Obed. Servt.