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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Mallett to Richard Caswell
Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805
November 15, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 284-285

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsboro, Nov. 15th, 1778.


I left Campleton a few days after my brother, who waited on your Excellency for money, orders and advice, but of course they could not yet reach me, altho' whatever is to be done at Campleton my Brother and Mr. Porterfield will put into execution, during my absence. As soon as I get Mr. Estes in a good way here in putting up salt provisions I shall go to Campleton, which will be in the course of this week, and unless my Brother was furnished with a considerable sum of money we shall be much distressed. In case I depart this place before the arrival of Gen'l Butler's express I shall leave a boy with Mr. Estes to follow me with such orders as your Excellency may find necessary to send me, and should your Excellency judge that more money is necessary to send me, General Butler tells me the bearer is a safe hand.

I am very sorry to be troublesome on a subject which at present your Excellency must be wearied with, from all quarters. By some means or other the Militia officers here have drafted me for a soldier to go on this southward expedition. I beg leave to acquaint your Excellency with a few particulars. That I have for

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this two years stood every draft in Cumberland County, and that I was in that County on the last draft, that my absence from Cumberland during the summer season was 48 days, and that my stay here before the draft was 43 days only, and lastly whether doth my commission from his Excellency clear me or not. If I had been on the return list of the County where my abode is and where I represent or had the proceedings here the face of fair proceedings, I should not have troubled your Excellency, but they proceeded also, and did draft Mr. Porterfield and Mr. Estes. The former has not been but two days here since the Assembly and never 30 days in all, and the latter the only assistant I have here. I began to make an excuse for myself and Mr. Porterfield to the Gen'l and Col. of the County, who seemed to run wholly with the current of the people, when I thought proper not to lay myself under any obligation to them, but only which to abide by the Laws, rules and customs of my Country.

I am with esteem, &c.

I have now the Commander's parole for 10 days.