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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Smith and Thomas Benbury to Richard Caswell
Benbury, Thomas; Smith, Robert
November 19, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 291-292

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton 19th Novr 1778.


Capt Berritz of the ship named The Heart of Jesus, arrived here some time in the month of July last. On his arrival he wrote a certain Mr. Holtner he says, indeed we know he did. He likewise wrote to Congress what he should do with the Cannon he had on board, say 28, 24 pounders & 17, 18 pounders, to which he never received an answer; but about a month ago, a Gentleman from Virginia produced an order for one-half, or 22 of the Cannon for that State, and at the same time exhibited an Extract of a Resolve of Congress by which it appears the contract for the Cannon had been applied for by the Delegates of the two States, Carolina and Virginia and was granted (no great boon). The State of Virginia are to have 22 of the Cannon and our State twentythree. The Contract made by the Agents in France is to pay 150 lbs. Tobacco for every 100 lbs. of Iron Cannon for the credit of the State. We have thought it our duty to receive the 23

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Cannon. The Capt. proceeds with the other two and twenty that is ordered to South Quay, where Tobacco is ready for him for the Virginia half, or share. We wish to know if we have acted right in what we have done (we have told your Excellency our motives), what should be done with the Cannon, and to know what way the Capt. can be paid the Tobacco. His time has been some time out, and he will lay after his return from South Quay at the demurage, we believe, of £50 per day. We hope we will be excused for the freedom we have taken, and are with every sentiment of respect, and regard and esteem,

Your Excellency's mo. ob. & very huml. Servts.