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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Patrick Henry to Richard Caswell
Henry, Patrick, 1736-1799
November 23, 1778
Volume 13, Page 296

-------------------- page 296 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Williamsburg, Novr. 23d, 1778.


Congress have desired that this State will furnish Galleys to attack East Florida, without loss of time. Those which we have here are by no means fit to go, except the Dragon and Tartar. I am therefore prompted by the great desire which the Council and myself feel to execute the designs of Congress, to wish that the Caswell might be sent with them on this expedition, for I suppose from the particular construction of that vessel, and the nature of the service, that she would be of great use on this occasion. From your well known zeal for the public good, I entertain no doubt that every thing tending to promote it will meet with your ready concurrence. If you approve of sending the Caswell on this expedition, and think her place can be supplied by one of our Gallies, I will immediately order one of our best to her station.

I shall thank you for an answer by the Bearer, whom I charge with Despatches to you, from the President of Congress. I am Sir,

Your mo. huml. Servt.