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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John London to Richard Caswell
London, John, 1747-1816
November 27, 1778 - December 16, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 303-304

-------------------- page 303 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington 27th Nov. 1778.


Upon receiving your Excellency's certificate enlarging the extent of my parole, which did not come to my hands till the 24th of last August, I considered it a duty I owed to your indulgence as well as to remove any doubts of the sincerity of my wishes to become a citizen of the State, to apply to the Magistrates of this County to administer the oath of allegiance to me, before I made any use of my parole. The enclosed copy of a certificate will show you the opinions of the Justices respecting my application. I have already been so sensible of your Excellency's disposition to serve me, as to leave no doubt but I may expect a continuance of it at the ensuing Session of Assembly, at which time I hope, thro' your Excellency's representation, to obtain the prayer of my memorial, and to be received and admitted to the privileges of a citizen agreeable to the Laws of this State. I flatter myself my personal attendance on the Assembly will be dispensed with and that if I am admitted a citizen, Your Excellency will be pleased to give the necessary directions for administering the oath of allegiance to me. Should I obtain this favor, it would save me much expense. A severe sickness and the shortness of the Session of Assembly at Hillsboro prevented my making any application at that time to your Excellency. If you think my personal attendance requisite, shall be glad to receive your permission accordingly.

I beg sir, that you will accept my best acknowledgments for the indulgences I have already received. I am with respect Sir, your Excellency's obliged humble servant.

J. L.


The above is a copy of a letter I wrote your Excellency by Mr. Faithful Graham to be delivered at Elizabeth Town, but as I have not yet heard anything in answer, I am fearful it may not reach you in time to have your directions before the meeting of the Assembly; I have therefore taken the liberty to send this copy

-------------------- page 304 --------------------
by post, to New Bern, and request your Excellency will give me leave to attend the next Assembly at Halifax, if you should think my personal attendance necessary. I am respectfully. Your Excellency's mo. obliged humble servant.

16th Dec., 1778.