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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Amis to Richard Caswell
Amis, Thomas
December 02, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 310-311

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Elizabeth Town Decr 2d 1778.

Worthy Sir:

I have taken this opportunity by a man Mr. Molat sends express to you. As the time is now expired you signified to me you should be here, I should be glad of further advices. We have about 300 men here. I have about 100 head of Beef cattle engaged, the most of which is now gathered & must be killed shortly or will decline. I have some Pork bought, for which I have given 15 dollars pr hundred. I have a considerable quantity engaged for which I have promised the market price, some of which I must receive this week which I expect to pay 20 dollars for or upwards, as Mr. Molat has given £9, and sundry merchants in Wilmington have given £10. The most of the Pork I expect is on the waters of the Peedee near about where I live, where I think with your advice will be the best place near this to put it up, as there is a water carriage to George Town, and salt will come fifty per cent cheaper than on this River. I am with due respect,

Your most humble servant,

-------------------- page 311 --------------------

P. S. Grain is very scarce on this River, but I think I can supply the Troops, if they do not stay long here. I was about to purchase some flour in Cross Creek as it is a scarce article in this County, but Mr. Molat came here the other day, and informs me he is a purchaser for the public and has a quantity in Cross Creek which he thinks will answer the purpose better, in consequence of which I have sent up for about eighty Barrels.

Since I wrote, Mr. Molat has altered his mind, and declined sending, but Major Molton is kind enough to forward this.