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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Extracts from the North-Carolina Gazette
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January 02, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 354-355

North Carolina, January 2, 1778.

Newbern, January 2, 1778.

Yesterday arrived here the Sloop Heart of Oak, Capt. Denison, from Martinico, Schooner Sam, Capt. Davis, from St. Eustatius, a Schooner from Bermuda with Salt, a French Schooner from Hispaniola, two Schooners from the Northern States, and a French Scow is arrived at the Bar from Cape Francois.

By Capt. Denison, we have an Account of the Arrival at Martinico of a large Fleet of Transports from France, having on board 6000 Troops, and convoyed by a 64 Gun Ship and 6 Frigates; also, by Capt. Cunningham, from Hispaniola, we have certain Advice of the Arrival there from France of a fleet of 50 sail, having on board 10,000 Troops, and convoyed by more than 20 Sail of Men of War, many of them Capital Ships. The work intended to be done with this Armament was kept a profound Secret, but the most probable was to seize the Island of Jamaica, as a Declaration of War against England was hourly expected in the French Islands.

Extract of a letter from a Gentleman in the Island of St. Christopher, to his friend in this State, dated Nov. 25. “The British Fleet for the Leeward Islands is just arrived here, and I have seen all the English Papers. They contain a great deal of News. A War with France is inevitable. Lord Stormont has left the Court of France, and the French Embassador has left the Court of London. The greatest scene of Hurry and Confusion in England with pressing Men and manning their Fleet. The Court of France has negotiated a Loan of 100 Millions of Livres with the States of Holland. The Spanish Flota has sailed from the Havannah with the richest Cargo ever known for Spain, which without any doubt will be employed to support the House of Bourbon against their haughty Neighbors the English in this most favorable Conjuncture, the continental Embassadors at the Court of France having received the greatest assurances that most of the powers of Europe will acknowledge the American Independency.

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You may guess at my situation here, where the Americans, in all Companies, are execrated with the most bitter and envenomed Expressions, and where the Spirits of the People are kept up with the following News, which circulates here for Truth from the first tables in the Land down to the Barber's Shop, viz: That General Howe is in full and quiet possession of Philadelphia, having totally defeated General Washington. That General Burgoyne is in North Carolina, having conquered the several States as he passed thro', that Lord Dunmore is in possession of Boston, having beat down all their Forts, and that the Rebels were every where suing for Mercy. General Burgoyne's Defeat has been clearly proved here, notwithstanding which it gains no Credit; and so greatly has some secret and fatal Delusion pervaded the Councils of the British Nation, that they shut their Eyes against Truth, and Daylight, and sin against their Senses, as did the Jews of old Time, and seem to stand in need of a similar Calamity to make them act as reasonable Beings. Provisions excessive high here. Arrived at Martinico, Heart of Oak, Denison, Viper, Stowe, and Rachel Smith, from North Carolina. Taken Sloop—, Ballard, from South Key, belonging to Hampton, Sloop Corriers, from Charlestown, carried into St. Kitts.”

Our Readers are desired to correct an Error of the Press which passed unnoticed in our last, where, in the Newbern Paragraph, the Judges were said to be appointed for this District, which should have been for this State.