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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Penn and Cornelius Harnett to Richard Caswell [Extract as printed in the North-Carolina Gazette]
Penn, John, 1740 or 1-1788; Harnett, Cornelius, 1723-1781
January 09, 1778
Volume 13, Page 369

-------------------- page 369 --------------------
North Carolina Gazette January 30, 1778.

Newbern, 30, 1778.

Extract of a Letter from the delegates of this State, at Yorktown, to his Excellency the Governor, dated Jan. 9. “A few days ago a large Brig was blown ashore five miles below Wilmington, and taken by General Smallwood. It proved a valuable prize, there being 7500 stand of arms, 1500 suits of clothes, baggage for the officers of four regiments, and a quantity of wine and spirits on board. Three other vessels are said to be drove ashore on the Jersey side, the inhabitants are taking proper care of their Cargoes.”