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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Cornelius Harnett to William Wilkinson
Harnett, Cornelius, 1723-1781
March 03, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 374-375

-------------------- page 374 --------------------

York Town March 3 1778.

Dear Sir:

Your several favours of the 7, 14 and 26 January and 4 Ultimo are now before me. I have lately had one of the severest fits of the Gout I ever had in my life. I have been confined to my room these 5 weeks unable to help myself, having it in both feet, one knee and my right hand and arm. It is with great pain that I am able to hold a pen in my hand this day. I am sorry to hear Meredith is taken; I wish the fact could be ascertained in regard to his being put in irons, &c. Jackey is not yet with me; Mr. Mitchel promises to send him as soon as the weather will permit. I think I shall bring him home with me, as we are likely to have warm work the next Campaign. You may for the present send him to Mecklenburg School. In yours of the 26th Jan. I received Col. Kennon's Bills on the Continental Treasury Viz. No. 25-Bill for 1000; No. 26 for 1000; No. 33 for 500; No. 34 for 500; No. 35 for 500, amounting in the whole to 3,500 Dollars. I shall present them for payment as soon as I am able to Attend the Treasury board, which I hope will be in a very few days. I am sorry indeed for the great loss sustained by the Inhabitants of Charles Town; it was a dreadful fire.

I shall write MacLain a few lines by this Post and shall write my friend Hooper very fully by the next. Our Army remains as before at Valley Forge. Unless the several States exert themselves to compleat their Battalions Our Continental Army will cut a poor figure in the Spring. We have not even heard of a Schyrmish lately. I hope to see you in April and am

Dr Sir Your afft. & obedt. Servt.

In the midst of my Distress, my man Sawney ran away from me. I have with much ado hired a little Dutch Boy to make a fire for me. A Servant is not to be had here; I beg you will hire Heron's Josh to come to me or some other free man. I don't know whether I shall ever get Sawney again. It is said he intended to go to Philadelphia. He turned out to be one of the greatest Villains Living. If I was to tell you some parts of his behaviour

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it would amaze you. You may purchase a horse for Josh if he'll come, and I can perhaps sell the horse here for as much as he cost.

Yours &c.
C. H.