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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by Benjamin Teawelly and Daniel Sledge concerning gun manufacturing the Halifax District
Teawelly, Benjain; Sledge, Daniel
March 18, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 383-384

-------------------- page 383 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

State of No. Carolina Bertie County March 18th 1778.

In Obedience to a Resolve of the Hon. the General Assembly the Gap:     dayGap:      last We the Commissioners appointed to Examine into the state of the Publick manufactory of Guns in Halifax District Carried on by James Ransom Esqr. One of the Commissioners appointed to superintend the same and make report thereof do report that it appears to your Commissioners on the Examination of said Ransom's accounts & vouchers by him produced that he the said Ransom has expended the Sum of Seven Hundred and fifty Six Pounds & 10 d. in Purchasing Iron steel Gunlocks & transporting the Same, also in Wireing, Blacksmith's Rent & Smith's tools, Purchasing & Providing Necessary Utensils for carrying on said factory and Boarding the several workmen Employed therein. It also appears to your Commissioners that the said Ransom has now on Hand ready to be delivered thirty-six Guns fit for service, Eleven Gun barrels ready for storing, fifty-two Do. forged & floated, fifty gunlocks, Sixty-three Butts, fifty-seven guards, fifty-three fashion Plates, Sixty-five Sets thimbles, fifty-Six Ramrods forged out & twenty-four bayonets forged, also sundry foils, Rasps & Saws & 306 ℔s Iron and further appears to your Commissioners that the said Ransom Has Received of Sam. Johnson Esqr., Treasurer, the Sum of One thousand Pounds and has Sold 1293 ℔s of the Publick Iron @ 8d. and 24 ℔s. Steel @ 2s., the whole Amount of the money Rec'd being One thousand & forty five Pounds, and that there still remains in the Hands of the said Ransom the sum of two Hundred & Eighty Nine Pounds & ten shillings & 2d. which is due the Publick, all which is submitted.


-------------------- page 384 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Consideration The Hon. Gen. Assembly of the State of North Carolina, Newbern.
Report Comms. Gun Manufac.—Halifax District.
Comm: Mr. Ramsay, Mr. L. Sumner, Mr. Tompson.

Bute, 18th March, 1778.


We your Comm. appointed to Examine into the State of the Publick manufactory of guns in the district of Halifax & carried on by James Ransom Esqr. have Proceeded to Examine the same. The report you will Herewith receive enclosed. We are Gent.

Yr. very Hble Servts.,