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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Affidavit of William McRee concerning the actions of Daniel Mallett
McRee, William
April 03, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 393-394

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Papers & Acct. McRee & Brown &c &c.

Being informed that Mr. Peter Mallett claims the Molasses soald by order of Synod, I think it my Duty to inform the public what I know concerning it. In a little time after I had stored the Goods taken out of the Cross Creek Boats, Mr. P. Mallett wrote to me desiring I would be so good as to let his brother have the liberty to mark some of his Effects that was unmarked. I gave him the Keys of three stores where the goods was. I think the second day I went to Town and was informed that Dan Mallett, in Overhauling some heavy Hogshead, had stove a hogshead of Molasses of which near half was lost. I asked him in regard to it; he said it was so. I asked him whether or no it was his brother's, he said he believed not. I informed him that if it was not he should make it good to the Owners, to which he assented. In about two Weeks after, a certain Mr. Cruden &

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Dan Sutherland got an order from Colo. James Moor to me, to deliver them Some Effects they Claimed. I went & delivered them what they Claimed. In rolling out some casks of Molasses there was one marked PM., Peter Mallett's mark, which Sutherland Claimed as his. I told him I knew not who was the right owner. If he took it he should give me a Receipt to be Accountable to the owner if Claimed by any one else, as the receipt will appear. When Dan Mallett was marking the above Goods he marked 20 or 30 barrels of flour with P. M., his brother's mark, & Crossed out N. M. (which many People told me was the property of Neil McCarter), which was took away with his own, the above mark of N. M. being taken out & P. M. put on. I am satisfied that I can make it appear that it was Neil McCarter's Property. I mentioned this to Colo. Moore. However Mr. Mallett can satisfy the public whether he has accounted with them for it or not. Some time after Mr. Mallett sent an order to me to deliver his Effects. I wrote him an Answer that he should prove his Property before I would deliver it (having some cause, as I think, after his altering the above mark). However he got an order from the Council for me to deliver it, which I Did without its being proven. I Delivered all they Claimed with the remainder of the stove Hogshead. Neither did any Person Claim from that time till said Molasses was sold. This I declare without Prejudice or Interest.

Sworn to before me this 3rd Day of April, 1778.

Thos. Owen.