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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from M. Chariol de Placer to Richard Caswell
Chariol de Placer, M.
June 20, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 447-448

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Col. Chariol, New Bern, to His Excellency Rich'd Caswell, Esqr. Governor of the State of North Carolina at Dobbs

June 20th 1778.


Yesterday I received one Letter from the Lieutenant Colonel who stays in Charles Town. He purposed to me to engage great many Soldiers there if I send money, consequently I pray your Excellency to favour me of one Letter of Credence on the Governour of South Carolina amounting to £2000, What sum you please to deduct on the £1000, granted by the assembly for the raising of my Regiment. The lieutenant Collonel asked my the Commission of Major for M. marquis deBretenil, that of Lieutenants for Mr. Joseph Philippe _ _ _ _ _ _ _and that of surgeon for M. Joseph Roberdeau, that I Expect every moment with 15 or 20 recruits. I send to you the List of those who are now in the Cazern; Whose 4 or five had been Sick, and cured by the Dr. Gaston. I send to your Excellency the receipt of the £2000 granted by your favree. I pray you to send the other £1000 for the_ _ _ _ account, and if the money is arrived send me if you Please 2 other Thousand pounds because I want to send in Edenton and Wilmington

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I dispatched 1 in Halifax one C_ _ _ _ _ to Bring in New Bern What we want for the regiment. I am the most Respectfully of your Excellency, the most devoted and obedient Servant,

CHARIOL, Colonel.