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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from M. Chariol de Placer to Richard Caswell
Chariol de Placer, M.
June 21, 1778
Volume 13, Page 448

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]


Whereas the Colonel's letter has not brought to me your answer upon the different objects which I have asked to you, I send the Captains Sanbeaux to present you that I have taken in master Sitgreaves' Store the articles here inclosed, which I found necessary for my regiment, according to the order which you give to him.

I don't take upon my own account to settle the value of cloths. I think that you will fix it, or master Evey by your orders. About twelve days ago the said Captain Sanbeaux have been to Halifax to look for the most useful tings, and he have been obliged to come back without. Since two months I longing for that as for the money, which I expect every day to pay the officers as the soldiers; that hinder me from my recruits. You will be very much surprised that I am laying till now the paymaster commission. I have follow master Nashes advice, who told me to propose to you master Sitgreaves, who I am certain will fill it up with zeal. I hope that it will be agreeable to you. Be so kind to send at me the doctor's commission. I was mistaken in my last letter; its name is Bodin. I wish that you send it to me as soon as you could. I want, too, to send in to Charlestown three officers' commissions, which I have asked to you. I desire that you choice to give me a credit letter or for the sum of two thousand pounds. The said sum will be employed in Charlestown by my Lieutenant colonel. To desist, you will oblige me much if you send to me 1,000 pounds for the warrant which I have send to you. I request your answer, and I hope that you will satisfy to my demands. I am, with consideration,

Your most humble and obedient Servant,
CHARIOL, Colonel.

Be so kind to present my compliments to your family.

In Newbern, June 21st, 1778.