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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Thackston to James Hogun
Thackston, James, d. 1792
July 21, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 460-461

Or the commanding officer at Halifax in North Carolina.
By Sergeant Conner.

Camp Near Peytonsburg July 21st 1778.

Dear Colo:

I received your favor of the 22nd of June covering the resolves of Congress. I have been waiting for some time since with great anxiety to receive your further orders. Never was any man I believe put to it than I have been ever since I came to this place to get the troops supplyed with provisions. I expected before I arrived that the Virginia Commissary of Purchases had certainly laid in a store sufficient to supply us during our stay, but to my great mortification, when I arrived I found not one ounce of provisions, nor a Commissary could I hear of any where near. Of course I was obliged to appoint a Commissary, to purchase what he could get for his receipts, by which means we have lived till now, when the country around the Camp is entirely draned of what little flower and Indian corn it had to spare; wheat there is none but what is just reaped and the planters are so busied with their crops that they can't be prevailed on to thrash out one single bushell, for which reason, I am obliged this day to move my camp to Dickes ferry on Donn River about Twenty-five miles back towards Hillsborough, where I am informed there is Indian meal and beef in plenty to be had for the Troops, at which place or

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near it I shall wait your further orders. I have enclosed you a return of the Troops at present under my command and am Dear Colonel,

Yr Very obt. Hble Servt.
Lt. Colo.

P. S. I have received a letter from Col. Davidson soliciting me to entreat you to forward to him the paymaster, his Troops he writes me have not received their Bounty and are very uneasy. If you can do any thing for him in this particular, it will merit from him and you shall have the thanks of

Yr. obt. Servt.
Lt. Colo.