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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Extracts from the North-Carolina Gazette
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July 31, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 463-464

North Carolina Gazette, July 31, 1778.

Newbern, July 31, 1778

Wednesday last an express arrived from Congress to his Excellency the Governor, with the following pleasing account of the operations of the grand American Army, in conjunction with a capital French fleet.

Extract from a Letter from John Penn, Esqr., delegate at Congress, to his Excellency the Governor, dated Philadelphia, July 15, 1778.

Mr. Girard, a French minister, is here. He is to reside in America. War is declared by France against England. A large fleet from that nation arrived at Sandy Hook several days ago, and are gone to New York to take possession of the British fleet there. We expect to hear of an action every hour. General

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Washington has crossed the North River, and General Gates is in the neighborhood of Kingsbridge with a considerable body; our forces will be upwards of 20,000. The French have 3 or 4000 more men than they want to man their ships, who may be disposed of as General Washington thinks proper, so that most gentlemen are of opinion we shall soon be in possession of New York. In short our affairs seem to be in as good a way as we could wish.

The express who brought the above letter says, he heard in Baltimore, on his way hither, that New York had actually been invaded by General Washington and bombarded by the French Admiral at the same time, when it surrendered, and is now actually possessed by the Americans.

Since our last, died Mr. John Clithereal, a very ancient and worthy inhabitant of this town; many years in the commission of the peace; a quiet and inoffensive neighbour, and a pious and good christian.