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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Raiford to Jethro Sumner
Raiford, Robert
August 31, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 472-473


By favor of Capt. Williams.

Camp Duplin Court House Aug. 31st 1778.


Your favour of the 23rd Instant favoured by Captain Williams came to hand this morning and was exceedingly glad to have Orders from you.

The Men has been embodied here a considerable time and have had no Orders. Only Once from Colo. Davis, who has been detained from Camp occasioned by Sickness, I have However not failed to make him acquainted with the troops, by returns, the Men has been pretty constant in Camp til lately, some have furloughs who are daily expected in. I have this Morning dispatched off to Bladen, Cumberland & Hanover to give Notice to the several Cols. that we intend Marching off immediately, So as if they have rec'd any Money it may be distributed to the Levies from their own County. The Hanover Comp'y is not supplied with Cloaths, tho' they are now ready which I have sent down for this Morning and am in hopes we shall be ready in ten days from this and makes no Doubt but the Men will March off without Much trouble. The Cumberland Company has never Joined here, I wrote the Commanding Officer of that Detachment to march off

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within ten days from this date to Halifax & mentioned if the men would not proceed to make Weekly returns either to you Or the Commanding officer of this District. You will Inclosed receive a return of the 3 Comp'ys now in Camp which is but small & am sorry for it but hopes before ten days is past we shall make a better appearance.

This will be delivered you by Captain Williams who can personally tell you the situation of the troops here more to your Satisfaction than I can by letter, to whom for further intelligence shall refer. The Discriptive list of Bladen and Cumberland I returned to Col. Davis & expects it will cause me a Ride to his house for, which is about 45 Miles. You'l see by the return that a Great part of the Men Never joined.

I am Colo. with respect
Your most obt. Servt.