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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Roster of officers in the Second North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army in 1778
Patten, John
Volume 13, Pages 480-481

-------------------- page 480 --------------------
Dep't of State, Washington, D. C. “Washington Papers.” Army Returns. Vol. 8. No. 27. Page 1.
A list of the Officers that served in the 2nd North Carolina Battalion since Jan. 9, 1778

[Sept. 9, 1778.]
Names of Officers.
Dates of Commissions.
Field Officers.
Alexander Martin, Colonel
Resigned Nov. 22nd, 1777.
John Patten (sic) Lieut. Coln.
Nov. 22nd.
Promoted Nov. 22nd, 1777.
John White, Major
Feb. 1.
Promoted to command of a Reg't in Georgia.
Hardy Murfree, Capt
Promoted to Major.
Selby Harney, Major
Nov. 22nd.
Promoted Lieut. Col'n from the 8th to the 2nd Reg't.
John Armstrong, Captain
Oct. 4th
Promoted Major to the 4th Regiment.
James Gee
Died Nov. the 12, 1777.
John Heritage
Resigned May 15th, 1777.
Wm. Fenner
Oct. 24th
Promoted Major to the 7th Reg't.
Edward Veal (sic)
Cashiered Dec. 21, 1777.
Benja. Williams
July 19, 1776 1777
Clement Hall
April 24th
James Martin
Transf'd to the 5th Regiment.
Joseph Tate
Died 2nd June, 1777.
Charles Allen
Transf'd to the 5th Reg't.
Benjam'n Coleman
April 30
Tranf'd from the 5th Reg't.
Robert Fenner
Date of commission in dispute.
John Ingles
Oct. 24
Thos. Armstrong
Oct. 25
Transf'd from the 5th Reg't.
Manlove Tarrant
Sent to No. Carolina agreeable to the arrangement.
John Craddock
Dec. 21st
Thomas Standiss
Resigned May 15, 1777.
1st Lieutenants.
Joseph Worth
Died April 6, 1777.
Phillip Lowe
Resigned Feb. 1, 1777.
Clement Nash
Resigned Feb. 1, 1777.
Isaac Rolston
Sent to No. Carolina agreeable to the arrangement.
David Vance
Sent to No. Carolina agreeable to the arrangement.
Charles Steward (t?)
Transf'd from the 5th Reg't.
Thomas Evans
May 15th
John Jacobs
Resigned March 1st, 1778.
John Daves
October 4th
James Parkerson
Died 26 March, 1778.
Samuel Budd
Nov. 11th
John Williams
Sent to No. Carolina agreeably to arrangement.
James Campen
Dec. 21st
Arthur Colgrove
March 26
Chas. Garrard
June 1st
Transf'd to the 5th Reg't.
2nd Lieutenants.
William Killeby
Died April 6th, 1777.
Sam'l McKlewaine
Resigned Oct. 24, 1777.
-------------------- page 481 --------------------
John Radford
Do. Feb. 1, 1778.
James Luton
Do. March 10, 1778.
Levi Sawyer
Do. March 16, 1778.
William Ferrill
Sept. 8.
Samuel Jones
Dead July, 1778.
Richard Andrews
Novr 1
Thos. Finney
Novr 12
Levi Gatling
Cashiered Aug. 26, 1778.
Stephen Southall
April 1st
Natt Lawrence
June 1st
James Verrier
June 1st

N. B. This return is not dated in the original MS., but other records show it to have been of Sept. 9, 1778.

Bureau of Rolls & Library, Washington, D. C.