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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Howe to Henry Laurens
Howe, Robert, 1732-1786
November 24, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 498-499


Charles Town So. Carolina, 24th Novr. 1778.


The letter by Colo. Ternant inclosing a Resolve of Congress by which I am recalled, has been delayed by the Illness of the Colonel until a very few days since.

In obedience to that Order, I was just setting out when a letter, a copy of which I have the honor to transmit, arrived express from Georgia, the imminent danger of that State, rendered very weak in the part assailed, by the necessity there had been for detaching a considerable number of the Regular Troops to the westward, to prevent the Ravages of the Indians, induced me to think that it was incumbent upon me to fly to the assistance of Georgia, with what Troops could be spared from hence, and that a short delay in my setting out for the Grand Army, could be attended with no great inconvenience to the service in that quarter, and that the necessity I conceived Georgia to be in would plead my excuse with Congress. If, Sir, in this I have thought wrong, I flatter myself that Congress, whose candour I rely upon, will declare the Action from the Motives and do me the justice to believe, that my Conduct resulted from the firm persuasion I had, that I was promoting their service, and consequently pursuing the dictates of my duty, which it will ever be both my pride and pleasure to do.

In haste I am with the greatest esteem and respect Sir, Your most obt, very huml Servant.

To His Honor the President of Congress.

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Letter from Major Gen. R. Howe, Charlestown, Novr. 24, 1778, inclosing letter of 21 from Col. White notifying that Georgia is invaded—Read 22 Decr, 1778.