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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Bloodworth to Richard Caswell
Bloodworth, Thomas
March 11, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 35-36

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Hanover County, March 11th, 1779.


Agreeable to the instructions from your Excellency, respecting the Draft to be made in this County, has been complied with accordingly, and within enclosed you have a return of their names, distinguished by Volunteers and Drafts. Thro' the illness of Col. Ward, who has been some time confined to his bed, and his not being able to do any kind of business, obliges me to send this express (Mr. Robert Bloodworth) to forward the return of the men, and also to request the favor of your Excellency to forward by him such sum of money as you may think necessary to pay the county and furnish provisions, &c., till they arrive at Campbleton. I would, with the greatest cheerfulness, have advanced what money might have been wanted, but it is ill convenient to me at this time. I shall, in order to forward the Troops, borrow money till this express returns, which I must pledge my honor to be replaced. You may depend that no time will be lost in sending the men away. Major

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Dunbibin will set off so as to arrive at Campbleton agreeable to your order. Strict inquiry has been made to find if any balloted or Drafted men remained in this county, but none to be found.

I am, with respect,
Your Excellency's mo. ob. Serv't,

P. S. I must inform your Excellency that the expense of this express is twenty-seven pounds.