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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum concerning a court of enquiry concerning the actions of John Ashe
No Author
March 20, 1779
Volume 14, Page 45

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Head Quarters, Purisburg, March 20th, 1779.

The Court of Enquiry, which was ordered to examine into the affair of the 3rd Inst. at Bryer Creek, and the conduct of Genl. Ashe, relative to his command there, President, General Moultrie, have reported, “That they are of opinion Genl. Ashe did not take all the necessary precaution, which he ought to have done, to secure his Camp, and obtain timely intelligence of the movements and approach of the Enemy, but they do entirely acquit him of every imputation of a want of personal courage in the affair at Bryer Creek, and think he remained on the field as long as prudence and duty required him.”