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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Ralph Pomeroy to Richard Caswell
Pomeroy, Ralph, d. 1819
April 13, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 67-68

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Philadelphia, 13th April, 1779.


I am directed by the Honorable Board of War to transmit to you the enclosed resolve of Congress, and to desire you to give the necessary orders to the Clothiers and other persons in the State of North Carolina who have supplied Clothing to any of the Continental Troops for the year 1777. That they make returns of the same, according to the Resolve.

I have also to request that the returns may be sent to James

-------------------- page 68 --------------------
Means, Esq., Clothier General at Philadelphia, where I shall receive them.

Permit me, with all due submission, to urge that the returns may be forwarded with all possible dispatch, as the payment of arrearages due to the Troops on clothing Bounty account for the year 1777, too long delayed already, must be totally expended, until the returns in question can be collected.

I am, &c., &c.,
Gov. Caswell.