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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Porterfield to Richard Caswell
Porterfield, James
April 15, 1779
Volume 14, Page 69

-------------------- page 69 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Campbleton, April 15th, 1779.


Agreeable to your request, I have sent Mr. Dick forward with his letters from South Carolina. Your Excellency informed me that the expense should be paid at New Bern, in consequence of which I have drawn off his account, which amounts to one hundred and sixty-two pounds 12p. for the Express to the Southward. For going to New Bern, he will give you an account. He is to have 8 dollars per day and the horse 7½, his expense found him. It is great wages, but I could not get it done on better terms. The money I have advanced Mr. Dick for his expense in this affair has been entirely out of my own pocket, as we have not one shilling of public money on hand. The horse Mr. Dick rode to the Southward was left behind, which horse must be paid for. I hired him of a gentleman in this place, at 6 dollars per day, and was bound at the same time to return him in thirty days, and there's not the least probability of his being returned now. The horse was valued to three hundred pounds, which I must advance immediately.

I am now very busy with the provisions, in overhauling; it turns out very well as yet. Mr. Mallett has not returned yet from Camp, tho' I expect him daily. When he returns, either him or myself will be at New Bern, in order to settle the account of the provisions put up here. I am much in want of money to defray the common expense of Negro hire, &c. If it can be made convenient, I will be glad to receive four thousand dollars by Mr. Dick.

I am, Sir,
Your Mo. Ob. humble Servt.,
Gov. Caswell.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: The signature on this letter in the Executive Letter Book reads "J. Porterfield" rather than "I. Porterfield." James Porterfield was a prominent merchant in Fayetteville, so this letter is almost certainly from him.