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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Mebane to Richard Caswell
Mebane, Robert
May 10, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 80-81

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, May 10th, 1779.


The enclosed is a return of the Regiment which marched from this place under the command of Genl. Hogun, which, I think, is sufficient to convince the Assembly of the impropriety of raising Troops for so short a time, and the necessity of having them supplied with clothing and other necessaries when raised.

I have dismissed the officers with orders to meet agreeable to your orders, which Major Hogg (the bearer of this) waits on your Excellency for, but am almost convinced if the Assembly does not do something for the support of the officers they will not all meet. There has been several applications made to me already, and from I think, the best of my officers, to receive their commissions, but have prevailed on them to keep them until the Assembly rises. The officers to the Northward are much dissatisfied with the treatment they have received from the State. Capt. McRee, came from the Brigade a few days before I left Philadelphia, says that the officers were then met in order to inform the State if there was not something done immediately for them they would resign to a man; from what I heard before I left there am convinced they will.

My bad state of health will not permit my waiting (agreeable to

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orders) on the Governor and council, wish the Major to receive the orders respecting the Regiment.

I am, with esteem,
Your Ob. humb. Servt.,
Gov. Caswell.