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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Moore to Richard Caswell
Moore, William
June 01, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 107-108

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Caswell, June 1st, 1779.

Dr. Sir:

I understand there is a vacancy upon the death of Col. Salter, who was to command the Guard that is to go with the Commissioners to run the line between this State and Virginia. I find that the appointment lies in you. If that command is yet vacant, I would be very glad if your Excellency would think of me, as I am determined to spend this fall and winter on the Western waters, any how, and if I could meet with any appointment that would answer as well as to be out without it, if the command mentioned is full. If there should any of the Commissions fail, or any that you would think would be worth while being troubled with, &c. When I saw you at Col. Bryan's it had quite slipt my memory, or I would have had a verbal conference with you on the subject. Now, Sir, appointment or not, if any thing is wanting done to the Westward this season, I should be glad to serve you. I find by the last Law that every ten men is to furnish one, if they can; if not, then the Militia is to be drafted according to their numbers. I want to be informed if they go according to the last drafts and enlistments; if so, I want to be informed how the money is to be had for that purpose, as I shall

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endeavour to raise our quota Volunteers. Time is drawing near at hand when they must turn out to relieve those last sent. Your Compliance in the above request will ever lay me under many obligations.

I am, Dr. Sir, with due esteem, &c.,
Your ob.,
Gov. Caswell.