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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Lincoln to Richard Caswell
Lincoln, Benjamin, 1733-1810
June 22, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 126-127

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Stono, June 22d, 1779.

Dear Sir:

As Mr. Hawkins hath been a few days in Camp and knows

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pretty well the state of matters in it, and will do himself the pleasure of calling on your Excellency, I may be excused mentioning the news thereof.

I have lately heard that your State are filling up their third, fourth, fifth and sixth Continental Battalions, and that Congress have ordered them this way. The necessity of their marching as early as possible will appear in the most striking point of light when I inform you that the one-half of our present little Army will be disbanded by the beginning of August, and many of them sooner. The time for which your Militia, under the command of Genl. Butler, engaged to serve, expires on the 10th of July, those from Virginia, under Col. Mason, the 15th, and your nine months' Levies the beginning of August. How this deficiency is to be supplied, I know not, for I heard this morning that the Virginia Troops, under Gen'l Scott, had not left the State ten days since. I hope, sir, that those who shall be enlisted before the fifth of July will be ordered on, and not wait for the drafts. I have consented that a number of officers of your Battalions should return and aid in collecting and marching the men to camp; some of them, I hope, will reach it by the time the new Levies leave us.

I am, dear Sir, with great esteem,
Your Excellency's Mo. ob. Servt.,
Gov. Caswell.

N. B. I wrote you a few days ago on the Score of your Book Case, &c., The Treasurer's Books—the money Commissr. to which I refer.